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Boeing Machinists Union Narrowly Vote YES on Contract to Build Boeing 777X Jet in Washington

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers voted narrowly to accept a contract proposal to build Boeing’s newest jet, the 777X, at Boeing’s plant in Washington State. ( 기타...

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If Seattle isn't careful they will end up like Detroit.
Don't be so hasty, Boeing is very serious about moving south. Companies the size of Boeing do not invest the money, time and talent the way Boeing has on a whim to scare a union work force into submission. The location may be in the south but the workforce will come from all over the U.S. and beyond leaving the tired 49% at home.
Well, they did lie to Wichita, why couldn't they lie to Washington State. It will be interesting
Actually, they do, and have been doing so for the last 4 decades. RCA, Admiral, Zenith, the list is endless. And when they cannot get their way, they shutter operations. Sometimes spending (stealing) employee pensions before escaping on that golden parachute.

Wet behind the ears MBA's consider employees, even those with 40 years or more labor, as expendable. That's what they have been teaching in Colleges for several decades now. Next quarters P/L is the feather in their cap and on their resume, no matter who's lives they crush in the process.
The way I see it, the contract question was: "Die now, or die later".
51% isn't much of a mandate, but there it is.
canuck44 2
Boeing should have bailed when they had a chance...with 49% opposition it will not take much to end up with wildcat strikes and additional labor unrest whereas they could have set up union free in warm weather.
Your belief may be prophetic. I guess we will see.
Somehow I don't see a happy workforce happening there. Union Stewarts will be busy.
As in our own divided government, right or wrong, there are 51% of union members that dis agree with their leadership. The need to elect new leadership. Folks, in a democracy, the majority rules. Hopefully there is a way out the door for an unhappy employee
I always told new hires " we spend about a third of our life at work. We are not going to work miserable or let any one person make us miserable. Got it?"
People can get rid of one like that. Those folks always seem dumbfounded when others won't share their misery.
I remember a Church vote on a new Pastor one time. There were about 8-10 out of 100+ that lost. The deacon board then called for a show of support and it was 100%. That is what will have to happen here. Those on the losing side must now jump in and support the new contract or go elsewhere. It is that plain and simple.
"Those on the losing side must now jump in and support the new contract or go elsewhere. It is that plain and simple."

It won't work out as simple as that. No one easily walks away from the best job that most of them are ever going to get.

Maybe a few who have many years on the job will retire to take it easy and find an easier job while collecting their Boeing pension. But most will want the great jobs, with great pay an grrwater benefits (healthcare an pensions) that are as good as any that are available from most any other modern employer.

I suspect we'll get some disgruntled workers who won't think twice about even the possibility of leaving, but will make their own and others experiences agonizing.

Everyone should be expected to pull their own weight. Those that are unwilling should be moved out, so that other more willing folks can take their place.


Fixed payment for life is an antiquated and failed notion. Of course when things go bad, everyone is trying to get their hands on any available money (including fat pension funds) and everyone pints the finger at everyone else.

Given that people make those kinds of assertions against company and union management, I can't fir the life of me figure out why they'd want these individuals to control their retirement funds. It seems to me that the best wah to safeguard one's retirement fund is to hold itbin an individual retirement fund thar is irrevocably contributed by both employee and employer for each year of service. That seems both the most fair and safest approach. Anyone that says we need to be protected from ourselves, that we'll raid our own retirement funds and ruin our retirement, is just spouting bull. What anyone dies with thier own money is their own business. Who wr need to be protected from is the company and union management and wall st fund managers. These will all pilfer your retirement funds (often legally) for your own benefit.
Unhappy workforce. Union Stewarts will be busy.
Boeing realized that it would be problematic to send production South to a bunch of former cotton pickers. I don't think were ever serious about moving away from the talented, experienced, proven machinists to make the trip seven X.

What they were successful at doing was snookering the union into voting away their pensions.

I guess the rank and file felt it was better to have a job than a pension. The concept of a company funded pension has all but vanished in America. Ask the folks at the new American Airlines like their pensions.
canuck44 8
What arrogant crap that is. Former cotton pickers? You might want to venture South of the Mason Dixon line to find out the South is not arrested in the mid 19th Century nor are folks down here picking either tobacco or cotton. Historically, Lockheed and General Dynamics have had no problems with manufacturing in the South nor have multiple other manufacturers. Mostly we are fighting the influx of disgruntled Yankees who want to bring their stupid politics and attitudes (like yours)to ruin the South the way they have screwed up the North.
Obviously he's never met all of the rocket scientists down here...or realized that the South has become the new "Detroit" in terms of auto production...or seen all of the aerospace industries that are located here. Proud to live in the South!
You nailed it. Born in the south, raised in Chicago , lived in the south since '69, I definitely understand your point. Love to visit Chicago, wouldn't live there if they gave me a Linc card. Lol
Well, just look at that little corner of Northwest Arkansas, with Wal-Mart, JB Hunt Transport and Arkansas Best Corporation, just to name 3 that are well known nationally, but thee are a couple hundred others wadded in there that you'll never hear about, including the 1 I fly(flew) for. I sure as hell couldn't have made that kind of money flying up North for United, not to mention co founding and selling out of a truckline during all that. And to quote Roy Clark, "but I never picked cotton"
Watch out! I have a garden and pick tomatoes. Lol
Me too and gather a little bit of sweet corn. Hell, I even catch a few fish every now and then. LOL. I saw a sign the other day that said" I never heard of anybody retiring down here and moving up North". There's a reason for that. Rick, if you would leave all your preconceived notions up there, you're welcome to come on down. If you can't shed that baggage, please stay up there.
I do hope your first sentence was just hyperbole. Ever since corporate raiders discovered they were piggy banks ripe for looting, employee pension funds have been an endangered species.
Millions take it in the back so that a few can make a lot of money.
I believe Boeing was working from Robert Ringer's idea "never negotiate a deal that you cannot walk away from".
Of course calling the available work force cotton pickers is hyperbole to illustrate the very real fact that while there are rocket scientists in the South (I do know quite a few from the Shuttle program) and hoards without the swords assembling automobiles, and even a few folks assembling aerospace projects they all have a problem recruiting people with the chops to manufacture large commercial airplanes. Sorry, but a room full of people with a weeks worth of training simply assembling an automobiles could not be issued new polo shirts and step into factory making composite airplanes. Just like foreign flight schools cannot turn out competent ATP rated individuals in a year, you cannot expect inexperienced people to build your airplanes.

It has taken more than half a century to build the culture necessary to make modern airplanes in Washington state. You cannot build a factory elsewhere and expect similar results. I don't think Boeing had any intention of moving production. EADS has been trying since the 1960's.

I think the delays getting the Dreamliner to clients provides instruction how difficult building modern air frames really is. The outsourcing of labor slowed the project more than any other factor.

I do have appreciation for people and traditions of the South. My family has been settled there since the 18th century. I carry no baggage, as I have a full wardrobe already there.
Us cotton pickers can take the verbiage and keep on smiling; unlike some other groups. Lol
High Tolerance, Low Expectation, Thick Skin, Thin Smile.
Those seem to help....
Coupled with the fact that we are living life instead of fretting over names or stereotypes.
those talented, experienced professionals can't figure out how to make their 401K pay off? times are a changin'.... I remember when we were on strike with PATCO in 1981....bunch of American pilots walked by and said; "if you don't like your job...quit!"
we were suckered into striking by a group of militants from New York.... machinist union big-wigs not helping nobody can afford the pension and health-care liabilities that are building up...
10-4. Had a couple good friends lose jobs at BNA in 81. Lead down a bad road.


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