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Sweeping View of Aspen

You can see the airport on one of the SkiCo webcams,You will see the marker for the Aspen Airport and you can zoom in there and see the plane just off the runway. ( 기타...

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I was 1st to takeoff from there around 7:30AM this morning. N761XP. Kuddos to all the men and women there!!!!
Greg L 2
i think they took the plane off the airfield, i saw it yesterday but i dont see it there anymore
I think they were supposed to reopen the airport at 0600 this morning. I just looked and there were a couple of inbound close by
Really cool image!!
Nice Image... I don't envy that approach.
Me neither
Very Cool!

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Like anything, it takes a little time and practice to get it down. Once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun. Much easier than a pair of skis.
Ben Ryan 1
I don't see the aircraft. I tried the archive but still couldn't find it. Any help?
If you set the archive to January 5th. beginning at around 12:20 you can see the wreckage of the a/c on the runway (no flame or smoke present at that time).
Also if you set the archive to January 6th. at around 12:00 you can see a crane arrive on site and at 17:00 the wreckage is gone
Hah, the pic today 1/10/14 has visibility maybe a mile in snow - can't see the beautiful mountains. That field looks like a handful.


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