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Video - final moments of fatal King Air 200 crash Aug 5 2013

Aug 5 2013; TF-MYX Beechcraft Super King Air 200, Air Ambulance from Air Myflug crashes on a dragstrip during qualifying before a race in Iceland. 3 persons onboard,Captain and Medic killed, Co-Pilot survives with minor injuries. No injuries on the ground. Investigation is still active, plane was fully functional and well maintained. This was not an emergency landing. Co-Pilot has not commented publicly but it is known that he made remarks to the Captain about the dangerous flying. Captain had… ( 기타...

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Way to screw up there. IT'S NOT TOP GUN BUDDY. Glad the co-pilot made it through. Unfortunate for the two who didn't survive.
You can't just hit a button and eject because you realised you screwed up...
biz jets 1
Accident is still under investigation, however I'm guessing he was buzzing his drag strip buddies. (I'd guess it wasn't the first time - but it was the last!!)
bettiem 1
"Captain had requested a go around moments before landing at an airport close by and ...." Alcohol?
Unbelievably STUPID move. This guy killed a medic! For what? I am very happy that the co-pilot survived....with MINOR injuries!
Almost decapitated a bystander at 0:07.
Holy Flug, the pilot really flugged up there (or is it flugged down?). Don't they teach the Bold pilots, old pilots, but no old bold ones in Iceland? Well the pilots on ice now but sadly so are his innocent passengers.
I can't believe the copilot made it. That was a helluva crash. And a drag race in Iceland.....Really! Nice 55 chevy. I thought they only had crap like Volvos there. Go figure.


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