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JFK has the best controllers in the country

Always amazing how professional and relaxed ATC handles this amount of traffic. ( 기타...

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I mean JFK of course and do not know how to correct this...
If people have ever heard JFK Arnie from clips at, you'd reconsider. Slightest misunderstanding (including language barrier), and they could come unglued.

They're on their game, no doubt about it; for entertainment, I'd rather listen to Vegas or clips of Boston John when he was controlling at KBOS.

Good find, though.
Brad, like everywhere in life, there are good and bad people on both sides.
I never had any issues with ATC, all to the contrary. Very helpful, professional people.
Happy Landings,
I totally agree! I've known my fair share of ATC, and worked with a few. Greatest bunch of people I know. Sometimes some let their frustrations get the best of them. Doesn't take away anything from what they do; not at all.


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