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Ferry Flight from HNL-YYC

I found this flight departing HNL bound for YYC in a Dash. That is some ferry flying! ( 기타...

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Must be a flying fuel tank. Ten hours at FL250 is way beyond the normal range of the Dash.
Looks like they started out in Papua-New Guinea. A nice weekend trip...... :)
They must have used the big rubber internal fuel tanks. There are a few photos and videos on the internet of AN-24s crossing the Altantic being ferried to Cuba. The An's had metal batten internal tanks. A while back I also saw an Air Tractor flying West Coast to Honolulu. Not sure if that was an aircraft type mistake but the speed seemed to indicate it really was an air tractor
They made it alright, wonder why they didn't land in Seattle.
If you're going to fit the plane with extra fuel tanks for ferrying, it makes sense to add sufficient fuel capacity to get you to your destination, or at least not have to stop for fuel with only about an hour of flight left. The descent and subsequent ascent are a substantial hit to fuel cost. And even if Calgary isn't the ultimate destination, if you've got sufficient fuel to make it, no need to stop at an earlier intermediate point instead of the planned stop.

Short answer: they had enough fuel.
Now I know why they didn't stop in Seattle: the pilots prefer Tim Horton's coffee to Starbucks!
Thanks. From what I saw, the other legs were far shorter, so they must have installed a lot of extra fuel capacity just for this leg.
If fuel managed correctly I believe they would still need extra tanks.
Yes, it's way, way, way beyond the normal range of the Dash.
What was the airline? I am guessing a re-furb flight, or a sale.
Looks like Avmax bought it?
According to Planespotters it is an ex Air Niugini, register to new company in Calgary that buys hulls for parts.,C-GYDL-Avmax-Group.php
jwmson 1
At FL250, he was all alone with the big boys soaring far above.
If you pull the interior and use the seat tracks to fasten a tank down. Then you plumb into the fuel system where the transfer lines cross through the fuselage near the wing box. Its not a very difficult mod to do since the tank would most likely fit through the cargo door. Without removing the interior the available weight would give you around 1240 gallons of fuel. That is the 1000 lb cargo and 39 people in the cabin at std. winter pax weight.
Range was my question too. 9 hours and inbound for landing, this must have extra tanks.
it must have been a very boring flight...or not....kkkkk
Good time for a couple of naps!


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