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Supreme Court overturns $1.4M judgement for pilot against Air Wisconsin

Pilot William Hoeper lost his temper during a training exercise; Air Wisconsin personnel reported him to TSA as "unstable" and a potential threat. Supreme Court overturned verdict under federal statute that grants partial immunity to airlines reporting "suspicious" behavior to law enforcement. ( 기타...

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Interesting article. I can certainly see both sides of this argument. Hard to say which way I'd fall on this topic. Need more information on what actually happened when he "lost his temper". If extreme enough, I'd err more on the side of caution.
Apparently he was a Federal Flight Deck Officer (can carry a pistol in the cockpit) and he was accusing the examiner of some conspiracy to fail him while cussing so the testing stopped. Then he boarded an airliner as a passenger, it was turned around while taxiing out. Armed police escorted him off, searched and questioned him (his pistol was in his house as it should have been) and then let him go. He was embarrassed and took a different flight home, fired the next day.
That definitely casts a different light on the topic then.
Geez... I could have reported a few pilots in my time of Maintenance Control... But at the same time, there may have been a time they could have reported me... Give me a break... Because someone looses their temper... does not seem like a good reason.
4th attempt at the checkride? You can fail the same checkride three times as a 121 pilot and still you get to try again?
Putting the ridiculous 1.4 mill, loosing your temper once...must have been some extreme threats beyond just going off the handle. The TSA is just "the messenger" created by the the 11th September 2001 terrorist debacle.
The second rule of living in the 20th Century was "Be quiet and mind you own business," behind the golden rule. The events of September 2001 changed that to "See something, say something."

Congress gave airlines nationally the protection all Californians have when it comes to reporting crime. That is immunity for reports to police. I hope it was insurance that paid for the legal muscle to have the issue before the Supremes. The trial judge had a duty to direct a verdict in light of the Federal Law.

I believe in second chances, and with a little education the pilot could learn to manage his anger, but a return to the air is out of the question. Mental instability is a risk no one should be asked to shoulder with their life.


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