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United Begins to Install Split Scimitar Winglets

United Airlines has begun to install Split Scimitar Winglets on a Boeing 737-800 (N37277) aircraft at its Orlando maintenance base. After the installation is complete, United will be the first airline in the world to fly a passenger flight with Split Scimitar Winglets. ( 기타...

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Haven't seen these at PBI. Have to keep a look out.
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United Begins Install of Split Scimitar Winglets

United Airlines will be the first first airline in the world to operate a passenger flight with Split Scimitar Winglets.
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New Split Scimitar winglets take flight on United 737-800 aircraft

One of our Boeing 737-800 aircraft freshly retrofitted with new Split Scimitar Winglets took to the skies yesterday, marking the first commercial flight worldwide to operate with the advanced winglet technology. United flight 1273 took off from our Houston hub and flew to Los Angeles.
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United's New Fuel-Saving "Split Scimitar" Winglets

If the wing on your future United Continental flight seems to have sprouted an extra tip, don’t be alarmed: it’s the aviation industry’s newest effort to save money.
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Meet United’s New Fuel-Saving ‘Split Scimitar’ Winglets

... Now United is introducing “split scimitar” winglets into passenger service. The first 737-800 in United’s fleet of 258 737s was fitted with the new wingtips this past weekend, and the first flight is today, from Houston to Los Angeles....


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