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Photos: inside Qatar's new all-business class Airbus A319

Qatar's new all-business class service between Doha and London begin in May this year, with a special Airbus A319 seating 40 passengers with what Qatar boasts as "one of the highest specifications for business class travel of any airline." ( 기타...

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Nice idea for Qatar business people seeking service and comfort that reflects their individual wealth however the general business community with it's CEO's and Chairmen are more concerned with watching the balance sheet and shareholder concerns about wastage and/or leakage of funds.

I expect the normal 1st class/Business cabins on the major flag carriers will continue to satisfy the market to the benefit of shareholders and the moaning minnies in the financial press!

Of course, Did not both Airbus and Boeing modify the smaller ships for executive use and market the A319/8 BBJ and the B737 BBJ?


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