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Gulfstream G650 sets new speed record

Gulfstream’s G650 business jet has set a new speed record, 13 hours and 49 minutes between White Plains, N.Y. and Mumbai, India at an average cruise speed of Mach 0.85 for a flight distance of 7,115 nautical miles. ( 기타...

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Also the Brazilian embraer is on the competition
Horacio, yes Embraer builds some very nice business aircraft. The Phenom and Legacy series are excellent aircraft within their respective classes. These aircraft compete very well in the G350/G450/G550 and Learjet 80/Challenger 300/GX XLR/GX5000 lines. I was speaking strictly within the latest super-size business aircraft lines in my earlier commnet, which the Legacy 650 is not quite the cabin size of the Gulfstream and Bombardier aircraft G750/G850 and GX7000/GX8000. Only the very wealthy will ever get the chance to saddle up one of these and go for another speed record within the passenger aircraft classes to one-up the G650 recent acheivement.
Congratulations to Gulfstream, very impressive for a passenger aircraft. But the super premium super-sized business jet 'arms' race will continue between Gulfstream and Bombardier (Dassult sneaks in there sometimes) with the upcoming G750/G850 and GX7000/GX8000 respectively. Both families of these aircraft promise to fly higher, faster and with less fuel (maybe not all three at once) than all of their older stablemates. For those who can afford it, these are are the ultimate go-fast machines.


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