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Southwest 8621 BTV-BWI?

I thought SWA didnt serve BTV. any ideas or answers? I could be wrong, but as far as i know they dont serve BTV. ( 기타...

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definitely a charter flight, we have a two SWA's coming to this week KBED for "military charters".
Ben Ryan 1
I've seen a lot of Air Wisconsin, Endeavor Air, Southwest, Delta, and Chautauqua flights into BED as of late. I know Chautauqua usually arrives from South Bend, IN (KSBN) and then goes back a few hour later and Delta comes in from either ATL or MSP and goes back to the same place they came from. I'd love to know what's going on with that considering it's my home airport.
all sports charters... NBA, NHL, college teams.
I was actually sitting outside in downtown Burlington, Vermont and saw 8621 on its initial climb out of BTV. Southwest does not serve BTV. AirTran did for a time but the twice daily 717 service never caught on and as far as I know AirTran has not come back. I may call BTV tomorrow to find out.
Charter flight? I know the Honor Flight groups regularly rent out a whole narrow-body for their trips to the WWII Memorial in D.C.
I thought about a charter flight ... Could be although there is no special event going on (unless you like to do spring skiing or watch sap drip from a maple tree).


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