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Flight around Manhattan

A sightseeing flight in class B airspace. Some stunning photos at the end. ( 기타...

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At least this time, you didn't have to divert from your flight plan, because of a Yankee game TFR. Your co-pilot certainly won't forget the flight.

Still I'm not the biggest fan of sight-seeing tours in such crowded airspace. Sight-seeing helos and sight-seeing planes don't mix well. There was the spectacular crash a few years back, of one of those helos climbing through a small plane just passing through for the view.

Manhattan would be better seen close up, either on a kayak circumnavigation of the island. It's only 28.5 miles and doable in one day. Also a bicycle ride straight up the middle works nicely also, with stops for eclectic food choices on the way. Let me know if you'd like a tour guide for either. You'll have interesting stories to tell on your next overflight anyway.


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