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'Hack-proof' drone revealed by Pentagon

the Pentagon's research arm - the Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA) - has unveiled a new drone which it claims to have built with secure software that can prevent control and navigation of the aircraft by hackers. ( More...

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Musketeer1 6
The Titanic was an unsinkable ship.
donhun1313 1
Exactly what I was thinking
SootBox 5
We already have hack proof drones, put a pilot in em.
WithnailANDi 5
In a new initiative called HACD (pronounced "HACKED"), the Hacker Alert Challenge Drone, the Pentagon dares all hackers to try and take down the newest "hack-proof" drone.
sparkie624 2
Give me a break.. Hack Proof only means that it has not been hacked yet... Saying this only prompts someone to do it even harder...

Think about the old days of the 10 foot satelite dish... During the VC-II announcement that it was totally secure and unhackable they released the hack for it that anyone could do in minutes...
donhun1313 1
...seeks to create automatic defensive systems capable of reasoning about flaws, formulating patches and deploying them on a network in real time. By acting at machine speed and scale, these technologies may someday overturn today’s attacker-dominated status quo.

Wasn't this how SkyNet came into being???
isardriver 1
i am sorry, but nothing is "hack-proof". right on ref HACD - inevitable

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