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C-47 D-Day Normandy Flyover (Video)

Original Normandy C-47 flys over the beaches and villges it flew over 70 years ago with the help of the 37th Airlift Squadron's C-130. Two WWII vets, Bill Prindible and Bud Rice, watch from inside the newer plane as the plane they flew glides through the sky. ( 기타...

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I was part of this flyover event. It was very cool to see and participate in the events with the 37th Airlift squadron as well as all the events over Normandy.. Whiskey 7 heralds from the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo, NY (Airshow July 12-13, The Greatest Show on Turf)) We flew it across the north atlantic starting on May 15th, and it's on its return journey now, track it live at or (which it gets closer to the states) and search for tail number N345AB
Thanks for the heads up!
I got no audio from the video. Checked a couple other videos while there with no problem. Tried several times, but no luck. Wish I'd been along for the ride, though.
Same here.. No audio.
Excellent video.
I flew a Basler Turbo DC3 over the EAA Pioneer airstrip in Oshkosh for a group of vets in rememberence of D-Day... I know a PT-6 powered C47 is not quite the same... However I was honored to at least play a small part in acknowledging the sacrifice for freedom as we understand It today... I will never take for granted, nor forget, what has been paid for us all in blood.... Thanks vets!
A fitting tribute to the soldiers that took part in the invasion on D Day, not being old enough to know about the war this brings the ;picture up closer to me and those who see a tribute to a HISTORICAL moment of WW11. Thank your for the video

Whiskey 7 (N345AB) landed safely at it's home base in Geneseo NY today (june 4th) at about 12 Noon EST, on it's return journey from France, started on June 11th 2014. It was an honor to participate on this project in returning this bird to normandy 70 years after it originally participated (Lead plane, second wave over Sainte Mere Eglise, dropping the 82nd airborn) see for information about the project or to donate to our efforts to maintain the plane.
No audio but looks like a great ride.
Good showeople same here no audio pity, still good to see the old 3 flying anput
Good to see the old 3 still flying about, same here though no audio
c k 1
37th AS is in Japan. The 86th AS is at Ramstein, Germany and provided the C-130J featured in this video.
Why no audio?
President Osama, oops, Obama cancelled the Missing Man formation at Pearl last year, then went there on a multi million dollar vacation paid for with taxpayers money borrowed from China!!! What an Insult to ALL Americans!!! Dr. Jim. Korea and Nam Vet.
You are correct they did go for a vacation when he should have been there to support the vets, that goes to show you how he cares less about the vets who fought for our Freedon


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