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Maryland Man Books Flight to Granada, Ends up in Grenada

When a North Bethesda, Maryland, dentist planned a trip to Portugal for a conference last September, he decided he'd quickly swing by Granada, Spain, to see the famed Alhambra palace and other historical sites. But carrier British Airways had other ideas, and instead sent Edward Gamson and his partner to Grenada - with an E - in the Caribbean, by way of London no less. ( 기타...

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Chuck Me 14
Mental note. Don't see this guy for dental services.
Grenada, Granada, Potato, Potahto, Let's call the whole thing off.
lagden 4
He should have checked his ticket and boarding pass before departure.
He should have checked the route on FlightAware.
I doubt that he was that intelligent.
Well, He said his E tickets didn't have the Airport Code nor trip duration on them and that may be so, but his boarding pass certainly would.
It should have had the spelling of the city he was flying too... I have seen people make this mistake before... With USAir one lady booked a ticket to Salisbury, NC (they don't fly there) and she landed in Salisbury, MD... Things happen and it is not always the airlines fault.
acmi 3
dont have him pull your wisdom tooth, you'll probably end up without your nose
Grenada is commonly pronounced wrong. Correct = Grenayda, incorrect = Grenahda. Hence possible mixups...
He still should have looked at his boarding pass and there was bound to have been something funky in his ticket price.
It was electronic. there was no mention of the IATA code for the destination. Says as much in the article.
It says his tickets were, not his boarding pass
Are they not pronounced differently?
See comment below...
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Man Sues Airline for Sending Him to Grenada Instead of Granada

Edward Gamson, a dentist from Bethesda, Maryland, thought he had booked a first-class ticket to Granada, Spain, on British Airways. But when Gamson asked a crew member why the plane was heading west from a short layover in London — when Spain was to the south — he got a surprise.
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Man sues BA for taking him to Grenada

An American is suing British Airways after the carrier sent him and his partner to the Caribbean island of Grenada, instead of the Spanish city of Granada.


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