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United 777 Diverts to Remote Pacific Island After Burning Smell Reported

United 777 Diverts to Remote Pacific Island After Burning Smell Reported. ( 기타...

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btweston 5
Gotta love that one person who declares themselves to be the team spokesperson...

"Sure, I'll talk to the press. I want everyone in the world to know exactly how little I understand about this situation."
The perfect spokesperson to talk with the clueless press.
Matthew 15:14 keeps coming to mind.
Very appropriate. LOL
Just saw a CNN clip,,,,,,,stressing how scary it was for pax!! The media does such a good job with aviation stories!!!

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It doesn't take much to scare an idiot..... And CNN has a real talent of showing people over reacting... Some just to get their face on TV or in the news. They sell news for a profit and want to make it look entertaining and eye catching to those who do not know any better...
So what, they diverted due to smoke in the cockpit.. No one was hurt, Aircraft landed safely... 777 in the news again.. Why is this news.. Today 3 news articles on the Triple 7 and not one being news worthy.
MH370 2
Thanks for sharing (sarcasm) before my trip to Hawaii from Chicago
Relax, they'd never divert to Midway on the way to Chicago. Pitcairn maybe.
glen krc 1
They might divert to MDW if ORD had problems...
haha. No problem!
indy2001 1
You definitely don't want to watch "The High and the Mighty" (although the theme song is memorable).
Popular press is so awful. They paint this as a near-death flight and MDY as about the most remote place on the planet. Wow.
Which part of that is not accurate? Smoke/fire on an aircraft is an extremely serious situation, particularly when you're more than two hours from any landing site.

PMDY is, in fact, one of the more remote airports and it doesn't even equipment to handle a 777, like stairs or luggage handling.

The fact that they diverted to PHNL, which was >2h away, then diverted to PMDY which was a few minutes closer, says something.
Serrious yes, near death no. And MDY is not all that remote. Just look at the map. Only 653nm to PHHF, 1049nm to LIH, 1418nm to ADK, and 1420nm to AWK. Remote yes, but not anywhere near the most report place on earth. MDY has stairs. That it doesn't have luggage equipment doesn't make it remote: Scores of airports in North America with runways much much longer than MDY don't have such equipment; are they among the most report pleaces on earth?
It is remote in that it is not on your everyday list of places to go, but it is wonderful that it is there when there is a problem with your bird. I'd heck of a lot rather be there than way up in the cold country somewhere.
Anyone know the Ship number or N-number? If it was a -224, then it was Continental (GE engines) and likely still, a legacy CAL crew. United's original B-777s are -222, PW engines.
N210UA. It is a -222, with PW4000s
United, what dorks. They fly a replacement 777 without taking someone that can open the luggage door. Further, locals end up offering their food, why, because United is too cheap to open the food lockers to those passengers not willing to pay. Nice customer service.
There is a big difference between opening a door and having the equipment to offload the luggage containers. I can't imagine how many people would be required to lift one manually. A loaded container probably weights about 1,000 kg.
I know what you are saying and thought the same, but how inconvenient. I haven't seen if anyone has posted what happen to the original airplane. Has it been flown back to PHNL?
bbabis 0
Thank goodness it was not serious as far as we know. The aircraft is still on Midway though. I can understand this reaction to a burning smell and what everyone must have been thinking. One of the more plausible explanations of MH370 was a fire out over the ocean and all fires start out small. Also, you had Asiana 214 recently, another 777, and with bad things happening in threes, you didn't want to be part of the third one.

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bbabis 1
There may be some debate on wether or not this aircraft should even have been dispatched but there is no debate that this was one of the most dire emergencies that a crew could face. Hours from anywhere, at night, over open ocean, alarms triggered, smell of smoke, haze in the cabin, and systems failing, you be the captain pilotman. I think the smell from your drawers may have overridden the smell of the smoke. If you were a passenger, even worse because you have no control over what is happening or what will happen. It turned out OK so now many people feel they can make cavalier statements about how other people overreacted or got a little too excited in the situation. Well, may all your flights have less drama and don't worry I won't be on one.
Re: debate that this was one of the most dire emergencies:
1. The Aloha 373 convertable conversion
2. The engine that ate the control lines
3. Half dozen honkers to both engines and a bath in the Hudson.

Methinks one could debate some smoke in the cabin.
bbabis 1
Joel, you listed accidents. The emergencies involved were: 1. Aloha 243 - Airframe damage, 2. UA 232 - Flight Control system malfunction, and 3. US Air 1549 Engine(s) failure. Don't confuse an accident with an emergency. A safe arrival in no way mitigates the nature of an emergency the crew faced and a massive fatal accident in no way implies there was even an emergency involved. I stand by my statement that smoke in the cockpit/cabin is one of the most dire emergencies that a crew can face. While captains Schornstheimer, Haynes, and Sullenberger respectfully will say that their emergencies were the worst they had ever faced, They may not want what the crew of UA 201 had to face with the outcome unknown. Hindsight is always 20/20.
You know, how easy we forget. Haynes and Sully are household names, yet there aren't many that would like to have a repeat of the Aloha, but hardly anyone remembers Schornstheimer. I guess until we are faced with something like that, none of us know what we'd do or how we would react.
bbabis 1
Well said. You do whatever it takes to keep fly'n and liv'n.

I saw a story a while ago about an Electra, maybe an Eastern flight, that lost a prop that took out another engine, the pressurization, the hydraulics, most flight control, and the remaining engine controls were locked. Talk about a bad day! They even made a successful two engine go-around with the gear down before finally making a safe landing. There was even a video of it if you want to look it up.
Ed Crist 1
There was a Reeve Aleutian Electra that threw a prop from the outboard engine and sliced through the fuselage and cut some control cables. I believe it made a safe landing in Anchorage. Not sure of the date, but there may also have been an Eastern incident.
bbabis 1
That's the one Ed. I looked it up.

Not the video I remember but it is the same incident.
Pilot did a great job on the landing. Looks like a cluster on the ground though. LOL
bbabis 1
This is the one.
Nah, when you get into that situation, it's like a lot of us always say, you got to FLY THE PLANE. It don't matter if it's a 150 or big iron. When faced with something like that, the adrenalin kicks in and hopefully you have a deep well of experience to draw on. I still have a bad taste in my mouth about the Electras before they did the engine redesign, when Tom Braniff laid a bunch of them on the ground in West Texas.
bbabis 2
Sorry to open an old sore. Another example of what you point out was UA811 out of Honolulu. Heavy weight, cargo door blows with explosive decompression, and loss of #3&4 engines. Capt. to FE "How much power can we get out of #1&2 engines?" FE to Capt "Whatever it takes sir." That, is understanding the situation!
bbabis 1
The third one was the biggest yet. Sad. Godspeed crew and pax of MH17.
Just watched a State Department spokesperson skate around hard questions concerning the downing of MH17. I think it's obvious that the lunatics in eastern Ukraine downed the aircraft. 296 people on board!! Score another one for the Russians.
Been where twice. Glorious spot to be from.
That will have the religion with this horrendous accident ??
smoki 1
Is there an interpreter in the house?
AAA777 landed on Shemya Alaska crew used up all halon in cargo hold lite came back on so thay landed on half our runway, glad it wasn't foggy, hell of a job, we unloaded cargo and bags and it returned to Anchorage, so my thought is why so many 777 suck.
I saw another story submitted in the squawks lists...Maybe these "planes" are trying to tell us something that may be ultimately what caused the fate of MH370...God has a way of telling us things.
Why aren't you on CNN or FOX as one of their experts? You'd be perfect for it.
Are you kidding me... Is what this is telling me is that there is not enough news out in the airline industry, so they are pulling straws, and the most minor event is thrown out of proportion... Engine Failures will happen.. That is why there is a checklist item for "Inflight Engine Failure"... Doh... Follow the check list and use the skills to put it back on the ground.. So What... No Body hurt.. Only bad part is a Mechanic has to come and fix the plane before it can fly again...

These are not news worthy....
onceastudentpilot are you telling me that machines of the same series don't usually show the same symptoms of failures before a recall, directive, or campaign is issued?
Well, they been flying since 1995 and as of the 1st part of this year there were about 1550 flying. Unless down foe mx, most were probably in the air the day before, the day of, and the day after. Best I can figure, those 3 having problems amounted to .194% of the fleet. Don't see a big pattern developing here. If it keeps on, it might bear looking at.
Sorry old bud but I got to disagree with you on this one
Oh I agree whole heartedly that they have been around for a while and have been wonderful workhorses but like I said the s/n would be an indicator to what the building process was at the time the plane was manufactured...if they are all in the same series that would mean that the same process was used and the same line built them....Processes in manufacturing often change whenever an engineer realizes a problem in a design..They don't halt production but instead issue service bulletins at a later time....We (I) are talking about the failure of one component that could have been installed incorrectly by a rookie or new hire..I am not saying that the 777 is a death trap or that it should not be flying I am simply making a comparison and this machine just happens to be the topic of discussion.
Well, I would agree with that part about a series or such but I kinda imagine that somebody has already taken a look at that. If there was anything common, I kinda expect we'd have already heard about it in some form or fashion. There weren't any details given on this one or the AA at TUL, and I can't remember what series 370 was, but I expect this same dog has bit both the folks at UAL and AA, not to mention Boeing or the engine makers. All I'm saying is that I don't think it's widespread like the truck problem you alluded to earlier. In addition, while a 777, they diverted for 2 different causes, one a burning smell and the other an engine loss.
I agree
yeah if I were trying to condemn the 777 I would have thrown 214 in there two....they were just idiots
You have to hand it to the pilot of this aircraft. He made a critical decision to choose Midway. The 777 has had a whole list of problems. Almost sounds like the same one that could have caused the last one to crash.

Just found this on here - I don't usually read all of the posts here but this one got my attention.
Whole list of problems????????????????? Last one to crash???????????????????? Enlighten please!!!!!!!!!
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united airlines 777 diverted to midway islands

no one was hurt as flight 201 from hawahii to guam made an emergency landing in the midway islands after detecting an electrical smell , passengers were terrified as the plane landed on this tiny island in the middle of the ocean in total darkness .


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