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RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Canadian Lancasters in Formation Eastbourne 2014

The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Lancaster in formation with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Lancaster over Airbourne: Eastbourne International Airshow 2014. ( 기타...

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When you think of the skill and mental strength of the pilots who flew these birds, you cannot help but be impressed. No GPS, radar, definitely no stealth, limited radio ops as they flew into enemy territory yet they did it without question. Thousands upon thousands of aviators flew into known harm during WWII to protect the world as we knew it. I don my cap to you Sirs, for we owe you a great debt.
canuck44 2
The "Lancs" were frequent visitors to RCAF Station Saskatoon and RCAF 406 Auxiliary squadron immediately after the war and up until around the early 60's. Mitchell Bombers and Expediters were the training aircraft stationed there, but the arrival of a Lancaster over our house was like watching an A-380 in this era. The noise factor announced their arrival, not that the Expediter or B-25 were quiet.
8 RR Merlin engines in close formation. Hasn't been heard for many years. Awesome noise.


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