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NAAP Petitions The FAA To Set Standards For Passenger Seats

The National Association of Airline Passengers, a non-partisan, non profit membership organization has filed a formal Petition for Rule-making with the FAA to set standards guaranteeing each passenger adequate leg, hip, and shoulder room. FAA currently has no standards limiting how small seats can be or how tightly they may be placed. ( 기타...

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We don't need a self appointed group of "passengers" advising the FAA to set seat standards anymore than a fish needs a bicycle.

The reason passenger personal volume aboard has shrunk is because accounts, not engineers, are making decisions. The FAA has enough on its plate concerning air safety that air comfort in some cases would be at cross purposes.

Airlines need to meet and confer on what the average man measures. Their current model adopted in the 1920's is substantially smaller than current people, save a few bands of Pygmy hunters.

It is the airlines that need set minimum standards and stop the "rockets-to-sockets" mentality of the boys carrying the sharp pencils (accounts.)
That is all we need... We have passengers fighting because of knee blockers (that should be illegal), then we have people putting drink bottles to wedge the back of the seat, and now we have another group of morons issuing proposals to the airlines...

Idea for the morons... If you do not like the leg room, simple answer... "DON"T FLY" Walk, Drive, Take a ship..... It is what it is.

Interesting, the responses here. From my viewpoint this is indeed something the FAA needs to set standards for, because it does indeed affect safety. Uncomfortable and angry passengers cause problems for flight crews and lead to confrontations and fighting in the cabin, as shown by recent events. The airlines themselves have zero incentive to fix this problem of their own making, and considerable incentive (increased revenue) to continue packing 'em in like sardines.
I just what the airlines to make their seat width and pitch public knowledge. I hate go hunting for that. If you're on a long flight, and the price is close, you're likely to select the airline with the biggest seat. That doesn't involve the government at all.
Try Sharon. They will give you the skinny on the equipment in most fleets.
Go for it NAAP. Many of the airlines seem to want to go the way of the passenger trains before Amtrack. They made it so uncomfortable no one would ride them. What should we call the Government operated airline?
I personally think that the market will take care of the seat issue. Also, I'd like to know what RR you were riding on? I rode the Santa Fe Super chief and Union Pacific City of Portland from ABQ to PDX and SPS shuttle on up the coast to Seattle in 1971, about
5 months prior to AMTRAK. Plenty of room. Airlines and automobiles killed the PAX train.
As example, that trip would have been by air if orders had not been screwed up and had travel time to kill.
NAAP is nothing more than a liberal group making problems...
Oh oh, let me try this... We have Amtrack for rail so how about Amway for air? Get it? Am-Track (track being railroad infrastructure), so Am-Way (way being short for runway) :-)


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