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DWI And Your Pilots License FAR 61.15 And 61.16

A Texas Man who held a commercial pilot certificate was indicted for flying an airplane without a valid airman certificate. Last Tuesday, Hal Tom, Jr. was indicted in U.S. District Court, Oxford, Mississippi, for knowingly and willfully operating ( 기타...

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Seems to be a bit lacking in info. Was this about a DWI, or misrepresentation?

"Tom did not have a valid airman certificate at the time of this flight because it had been revoked by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for making false statements regarding an alcohol related offense."

Does failure to comply with reporting (an act of ommission) qualify as filing false statements (an act of commission)?
BaronG58 1
The way I interpret it the FAA nailed him for misrepresentation (not declaring dwi as required)...local law enforcement nailed him for dwi. Both entities got a piece of him. Another problem he will have is insurance may not pay for damage to plane.

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BaronG58 1
Article said he "refueled with improper fuel"...Jack Daniels maybe?
Him or the plane??
I'm thinking he probably used some automotive premium unleaded, just to get back in the air and to an airport.


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