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Would you hesitate to declare an emergency?

My right seat passenger was a Horizon Air first officer. She thought she was used to bumpy rides. I was flying her to her domicile. She was supposed to report for work there within four hours of our scheduled arrival time. ( 기타...

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Declaring an emergency and starting the descent immediately for puking, sounds like this guy always had a fantasy of doing an emergency procedure!!! Keep calm, fly the airplane and tell ATC what you want to do, not this rash crap!!!
Chris B 1
The airplane was fine.
I agree that PIC acted precipitously by initiating the diversion. Had both aircraft been ADSB equipped when he initiated the diversion, would the diversion have been automatically delayed?
"It’s been said that pilots think they’re better than ATC because ATC are pilot wannabes who can’t fly. It’s also been said that ATC think they’re better than pilots because pilots are so dumb they need ATC to tell them where to go."

Whoever has this mentality (which I honestly haven't encountered in my short career) needs to get out of aviation.
I've flown with quite a few pilots who truly need ATC to fly the airplane for them...
dee9bee 5
Obviously, this guy hasn't flown a Grand Canyon tour in July at three in the afternoon! I can appreciate his predicament, but he overreacted just a tad.
A diversion is not the same as an emergency. Just letting ATC know you want to get on the ground due to sick passengers, only warrants a diversion in flight plan, not a medical emergency as it does not call into question the safety of the flight.
I was bit disturbed by the comment about the near collision alarm in the background of ATC after he declared and emergency and initiated the turn and descent immediately. That almost made a bad situation much worse.


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