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$99 fares to fly to Europe? Wow.

Wow Airlines is offering low-cost fares across the Atlantic Ocean beginning in 2015, becoming the first airline to do so. Courtesy of Wow Airlines ( 기타...

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The title is slightly misleading. The $99 brings you only to Iceland, which is part of Europe, but most people want to go a little further. In that case you'll pay at the very least $229, still a very good price.
Naturally those fares are introductory and won't last long. They will have an advantage by having that midway stop. Whether the rest plays out or not, we'll have to see.
$50 for checked baggage
$50 for carry on's over a certain weight
$10 for a pillow
$5 for a drink & peanuts
$25 for a specifically designed (i.e. allergy) meal
$0.50 to use the restroom.
Plus it only goes to Iceland.

You'll end up with the same price regardless of whether the base fare is $300 or $100.
>$25 for a specifically designed (i.e. allergy) meal

I foresee a lawsuit over that.
WOW Airlines - 21 century's version of Laker Airways.


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