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Breathtaking views of Greenland!

Stunning views of Greenland during on a flight from to Iceland ( 기타...

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Chuck Me 8
Make sure you watch to the end. After his typically brilliant documentation of the flight, he added the "nose cam" view of the takeoff from Greenland. Beautiful.
Always a pleasure. Thanks Guido Warnecke!
I was a passenger on an Air Force HU16 that flew from BGSF to BGBW in 1971. That was an amazing experience!
I spent about 45 days or so TDY up there (USAF) at Thoule' in ' 69 when that bomber went down. Never was so cold in my life and while I guess it's pretty, I have absolutely no interest in gong back. LOL
Yeah 75 is chilly for me now!!! I like it at 90...
I HATE got weather. Anything over 85-90 and I am miserable.
From May thru September my two favorite words are "Air conditioning".
That's the way with me and my wife now. She about suffocates when she comes back here into my world. I built a new living room several years ago. Had to cut off all the HVAC ducts to it; got a window AC that does heat & cool and put it out there. I have the central set on about 75 back here. She stays from 10-15 below that and wipes sweat part of the time. LOL
i spent 1 year at bw1....53-54....the only thing about that place was the sign as you got off the c54....welcome to sunny southern greenland....there's a girl behind every tree....i looked all year....never found the tree or the can go on google maps and see narsarssuak afb...the machine shop i worked in is still there...sure brings back some old really was'nt that bad of a learn not to be lonely...
chalet 1
How many hpurs aloft?
Lots of fun to watch! I'm a student pilot just learning how to fly a Cessna (at age 60) and this reminds me of a client I had 30 years ago, Brooke Knapp, who flew her Lear 35 on an around-the-world record setting flight, landing in Reykjavik. I did her PR but really yearned to be a pilot. Life went another way, but it's never too late.
While I'm still overwhelmed with the enormity of the responsibilities of a PIC, I'm also amazed that I actually understand some if not most of what Guido is doing. Awesome and inspiring. Thanks, Guido!
Guido W.....THE guy!!!!
I'm glad the guy in the right seat didn't eat what he picked out of his nose. Other than that, great video.
I was stationed at Thoule in 1965 for 5 months before my knee blew up (from the cold) and I was ultimately discharged when I refused a knee replacement. No place on earth like it!
Well, definitely no place on Earth like it. Thank God!!
ric lang 1
It's spelled THULE. I spent a year on BW-8 (Sondrestrom) a SAC refueling base, 600 guys freezing their asses off.....remember spending 14 hours on the line trying to change a landing light on a c-47 with thems @ 55 below.
everything was done in slow motion up there....some pretty long cold winters....but the northern lights looked pretty guys had it a lot colder up north..
Ken Lane 1
Great video and awesome scenery!
Love these vids.
Fantastic clip and yes breath taking views. I do fly quite a bit as a passenger on the Duba-Los Angeles run. would love to see more of this in the future
Fantastic, Thanks Guido.
Guido is the man! I love his vids! They're pure fun!


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