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GoGo Inflight Internet receives new flying test lab: a 737-500.

GoGo previously operated a Challenger 600 aircraft for testing purposes, but testing their new "Ground to Air / Satellite" hybrid internet solution, they've upgraded to a 737-500, offering more room and cargo space for their flying test bed. ( 기타...

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Reg will be N321GG
I hope they change something. I "used" GoGo from MSP to SEA last month; it was slower than dial-up.
RiSK 1
Yeah, early iterations weren't great. Their newest product can support 70 Mbit/s, faster than most home internet providers. Though, spread that across maybe 30+ people on a flight and it can slow dramatically.
3 years ago it was fast. I used it from SEA-DFW-SEA on American and it was pretty good. Kind of cool too, the Flight Attendant kept coming to my seat and asking me to show the flightaware page on where we were :). But as more use it I guess it inherantly slows.
I never have used it but it sounds like a service that started out good and fast, but as they grew, they did not add the infrastructure to keep up with it.
That's bad. Had a friend that commuted MSP-MEM for about 6 mos. We chatted some at first but then just stopped. He said they were so slow that it wasn't worth the $10.
I wonder if it is primarily MSP and the way that DAL and Pinnacle built up fast there last year or if it is network wide. It just looks like if it was like that network wide that they would not be around to utilize a 737 test bed


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