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Envoy and pilots union reach tentative agreement to operate larger aircraft

Under the agreement, American will guarantee 40 of its new 76-seat Embraer 175 jets will be flown by Envoy starting in the fourth quarter of 2015. If American chooses to exercise options on an additional 90 E175 jets, Envoy will operate those as well. ( 기타...

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Well, it doesn't appear to be going away for awhile anyway.
It wont be long and we wont be able to tell the difference between a regional and main carrier, other than the staved look of the underpaid regional pilots.
Well, according to the article it will keep open a direct patch to the big iron. If AA will hold up their end, it might not be too bad a deal. That is a path that other regional pilots won't have.
That does look promising for pilots getting into the pipeline.


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