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Blame the FAA for air-traffic controller shortage

...there is a growing problem that could affect air-passenger safety - an impending shortage of air-traffic controllers. ( More...

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joel wiley 3
It is always difficult to do a 5 year plan when your bosses are subject to a 4 year election cycle.
canuck44 2
Made more difficult (and likely to maintain quality) when political appointees set hiring policy that neglects expertise, but demands "diversity".
preacher1 1
Well, he's trying to micro manage the military, getting Hagle gone and he knows nothing about defense. He doesn't know anything about Transportation either so here we'll see the fruits of it, but whatever the outcome, it won't be his fault.
linbb 1
And never listen to the people who are actually working there. One perk they have at the FAA is the ability to transfer at the taxpayers expense to other towers or centers. Know several that have transferred all over the US during there careers.
cahill9980 1
I agree, to some extent being that it is very predictable to know when each controller will age out at the mandatory retirement age of 56...


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