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Jeppesen approach chart in honour of Captain Sullenberger and all his crew.

A splendidly crafted approach chart issued by Jeppeson to commemorate the sterling airmanship displayed by Captain Sullenberger and his crew following the loss of both engines following a goose strike on departure of US Airways flight 1549 from La Guardia on 15 January 2009. This a sobering yet humourous offering from Jeppeson. ( 기타...

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It is humorous but it is a testament to Sully and crew. I like the last part where it says GIVE THANKS. Only bad part is that it took nearly 6 years to bring it out.
That speaks a lot for a live body up front rather than a no or 1 pilot drone. I'd say it was good to have a 19,000+ hour veteran up front rather than a computer.
Yep, experience can't be bought. Just like Captain Robert Piché on the Air Transat flight 236.
All those folks were lucky though as both Sully and Piche had glider experience. I'm sure there is a different feel in dead sticking big iron than a sailplane, but it had to have helped, if nothing else to keep the pilots from panicking. LOL
Piché is quite a character, very open and approachable. His life was quite rock'n roll. He credits his success to his past career as a "drug runner" flying small planes over long distances. He was caught and spent time in a US prison somewhere in Georgia if my memory is correct. He "survived" in this jungle, came back home and worked hard to get a pardon. He was very grateful to Air Transat to give him a chance. He said his first thought after he had succeeded was,"My god, now everybody is going to find out about my past." He's quite a star in our province, but absolutely no prima donna.
You probably guessed it was finger trouble. Yep, I hit the post button on my iphone.So much easier on the laptop.

I too, noticed the "give thanks" and I have always appreciated the term souls on board rather than persons on board.


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