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Sunwing flight from Edmonton to Cuba makes unscheduled landing back at YEG

There were some tense moments on a Sunwing flight from Edmonton to Cuba, which was forced to make an unscheduled landing back at YEG following a maintenance issue. ( 기타...

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While they may not know a bit more than when they started, it is human nature for people wanting to know what is going on, to be informed of what happened and what is being done to rectify the situation. There has been no formal study, but the biggest part of the airline complaints that I hear and see are due to lack of information. I will never forget a UAL commercial years ago regarding the same, with a bunch of middle management at a called meeting; then the boss didn't show up for about 10 minutes and them not being told anything, leaving them totally frustrated. He did it on purpose, and then highlighted that feeling after he got there. Most of those folks have probably retired and they need it again, not just UAL but all of them. Customer perception is key to an Airline's wellbeing. these days.

linbb 1
Don't mind the info part but the speculators that are getting on this site with there comments that have no merit other than it seems for there pleasure to say they posted something is the problem I have here. I once in a while defer to you on my lack of knowing something as you know more about heavy AC.


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