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FlightAware releases V2 iPhone App!

FlightAware is proud to announce the release of our all new iPhone app! New interface, faster, view overhead flights (via GPS/Google Maps), airport arrivals/departures, and many other new features! ( 기타...

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I installed the app and it is very nice. Possibly the best app I have on my phone although I do like Safari. The "Nearby" feature is amazing.
Ya the NEARBY feature is way over the top! I tracked I went outside for a few mins and looked up at the sky and saw southwest 650 heading to Fort Myers, FL and than A320 Spirit Airlines to Fort Lauderdale, FL its delayed bout 5 mins but far the best feature that I been waiting for years to have even though there's airnavsystems but to much for pocket :) THANKS FLIGHTAWARE Y'ALL R THE BEST FLIGHT TRACKING SITE EVER!
Can you track while in flight? Or does the program require an internet connection? If so, does anyone know of a program that can track in flight without internet. Thanks.
Is there a similar app for windows based phones?.
Sure would like to see this App for the Android phones. They are growing very fast in numbers
beilstwh 0
I agree. I have the Droid on Verizon and would install this app in a second if it was written for Android.
earendil 0
This is very nice! I like the nearby feature very much. It is simply amazing!
Flightaware: Sounds very interested and would like to request an app for the Blackberry (there are a lot more business/airline professionals using a blackberry then an iphone !!). Would love to see an app for the Android application also.. keep up the good work.
Tabs 0
Please do an app for Android too!
I'm thinking bout getting the driod it well b great app for sure.
scscuba1 0
Much better than V1. Map still has a lot to be desired. Still it is way better
+1 For Android app!
Android version for me too, please!
Barry Kolb 0
A very nice app but I wish it covered more than just part of North America and the UK. That's all it promises but I can still dream.
G R Bettle 0
I use Android too!
Another vote for an Android version!!!
This new app is great. I work for a major airline and I can tell you the information is accurate and informative. There is a small information delay but that is expected. I checked the information against our real time information like flight times, equipment type, flight plan and way points and it is right on. You have hit a home run with this one and it is FREE. Keep up the good work.
When will the iPad version be released.
Android, please.
Greg Brown 0
One More for Android!!!!!!!!
I forgot to mention, they should do a radar on the nearby feature that would work awsome.
Heymull 0
Android app would be greatly appreciated. The mobile site is full-featured and works nice and fast, but I'm sure the app would be more convenient.
Another one for Android!
Android please.
Apparently the planes overhead feature does not work on iPad is that correct? At least I have not been able to get it function although the other features are working.
Apparently the planes overhead feature does not work on iPad is that correct? At least I have not been able to get it function although the other features are working.
I would like to see one for android also!
Incorrectly entered username and password and can;'t access app. I get a screen asking to reenter info, then it goes to the cover screen. turned it off, reset the phone. Can find no info to help on line. And, can no longer find in app store.
John Gaset 0
Ditto - sort of. App was working fine for me until I registered. After that it would give me a message that username/password was incorrect and would get stuck in entry splash screen. I deleted the app in hopes of fixing by reinstalling, but now can not find the app on the app store.
Please create an app for Android also. I would be glad, happy and very satisfied, if you do so! Best regards from Austria to all of you!
Any update when you will have an APP for Android devices?
Please, consider the Android. I don't want FlightAware's AP to be only reason I choose an iPhone (Verizon) over a HTC DroidIncredible.
Duane Ress 0
One more vote for an Android app! Please Please Please!! This application is so cool and I would definately load it on my Motorola Droid 2 Global!!!
Android please!Thank you!


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