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New Eastern Airlines Unfurls Its Wings

With an iconic brand and a start-up model, the new Eastern Air Lines is preparing to take flight. ( 기타...

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Unfurl? A wing?
Of all the legacy carriers that have gone out of business Eastern was my least favorite. It gave a bad name to aviation in the good old days, something not easy to do. Nevertheless I hope they accomplish their goals.
ADXbear 2
Awesome... many people I looked up to back in the day worked for Eastern. I wish them success.. I would love to work for them myself.. Dispatcher?
1Robertg 1
They had one opening for a flight follower as of 14JAN.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Don't forget the expense account/bennies so he don't have to spend any of it. Lol
And the retirement package!!!
He would need a good retirement package for sure if he only gets a paltry 23.5 mil salary/ yr. I would expect he would get a good longevity raise the second year though.
I hope they fly into KRDU,and if so I will be shure to take a photo,and post it on this site!
indy2001 1
I'd love to see the new EAL become a success. If it is, however, it will soon be bought out by Delta or American. That seems to be the preferred way to take care of competition these days.
1Robertg 1
Good luck to the new EAL! Can S. Florida look foreword to a return of Air Florida too???
Wishful thinking from an ex QH employee.
Who was flying that aircraft? How can they employ pilots without any flights? Would be interested in a response. Had a friend that survived on that L1011 that crashed in the Everglades. Just wondering.......


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