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Air Lease Corporation Firms Up Order For 30 Airbus A321LRs and 25 A330-900neos

Air Lease Corporation (ALC), the Los Angeles based aircraft leasing company, has firmed up its order for 55 Airbus aircraft, comprising 25 A330-900neo and 30 A321LR - the very latest members of Airbus’ modern, fuel-efficient aircraft family. ( 기타...

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So, it looks like ALC is the launch customer for the A321LR. I had heard that American was considering purchasing this aircraft to replace their 757's that they use for trans-Atlantic routes. Airbus seems to have found a niche that currently does not have a Boeing alternative. However, I doubt Boeing will create an alternate. Re-starting 757 production would be expensive and it's a limited market.

Pity though, the 757 is a beautiful bird. I just love hearing those RR engines rev up on take off! They have an unmistakable sound even from the ground.
744pnf 1
A321LR will have difficulty on the Westward leg in Winter, people or some bags, no freight.


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