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This Super Hornet Squadron's New Cruise Video Is The Best One Yet

One of the Navy's top Super Hornet squadrons, VFA-27 "Royal Maces," have accomplished an incredible feat: Creating a cruise video that is better than their last, which was just about the best thing we have ever seen up until now. ( More...

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Don Wilson 3
Vietnam era paint schemes were high vis and glossy. Experience taught that shiny airplanes are easier to see from the air and ground. In the 80s the navy switched to low vis/low ir gray. The squadron co and cag planes were allowed the high vis colors paint. Rank has its privilege, lol
Karl Scribner 2
Nice video as is the one srobak posted.

One question regarding the paint jobs, the majority of the F-18s have the subtle dull shaded markings and there were a couple with rather bold black and yellow markings. Is there any explanation?
Awesome video, for sure!
Jim Hughes 1
Best of the Best!!!
Don Wilson 1
As a former Royal Mace (1980-84) I'm proud of all the accomplishments of the Chargers over the years, a lot of history and tradition!
¡¡¡Muy buen video...!!!...Y excelente avión...
sharon bias 1
Great Video
sharon bias 1
Great video
Shane McGuire 1
Way to go Delta. Buy American.

This video re-ran my life from 82 to 87 in just a few minutes, I wanna go back, nice work!
So amazing guys
srobak 0
It's cool - but Hornet Ball 2014 is much better. Stream in HD on big screen and with BIG sound. :)


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