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Using flight tracking to tell the world what you really think

An American pilot who clearly had time on his hands may have produced the lewdest image ever using GPS flight data. The pilot was behind the controls of a single-engine plane when he ‘drew’ a naughty image on a flight path over central Florida last night. ( More...

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flyingj481 6
Flight track:
Joe Daniel 6
It's even funnier on Flightaware's map...
kev wu 1
For some reason, it doesn't display the flight path anymore on Flightaware and it says "Flight Data is inaccurate"
Victor Engel 1
It displayed just fine for me. You have to choose the right flight, of course.
kev wu 1
For me there are two flights listed. One is listed as a duration of 0 minutes and the other is 21 minutes. The zero duration one says "Tracking data for this position-only flight is incomplete and potentially inaccurate." and the 21 minute flight doesn't look like the right one
Victor Engel 1
Does this link work for you?
kev wu 1
The link works but the GPS flight plan data is not showing up

Derek Lazzari 6
ATC: "N829BM hold north of Lakeland on 360 radial 10 DME fix, expect left hand turns, PENIS hold approved"

N829BM: "Roger, north of Lakeland 360 radial 10 DME, left turns for PENIS"
ADXbear 3
He should be so proud.. look Mom
Rob Harrison 3
Did the pilo0t violate any FARs? I don't think so. Did he hurt anyone? Clearly not. Actually, he must be a pretty good stick (no pun intended) to trace that path as accurately as he did!
btweston 2
Hilarious. Mad skills.
Don't forget the HUGE 12 that Boeing drew with their 747 freighter before the Superbowl in 2014. Covered MOST of Washington State!
rebecka veil 1
Well, this girl loved it! And so did "Mr. This Girl"--a 24,000 hour guy.
saso792 1
Is it the space shuttle that separated from the 747 in flight in 1977? Not.
Shaun S 1
What a D#ck!, lol!!
Lewis Tripp 1
He flew it, he didn't draw it. This is hardly news worthy
ToddBaldwin3 1
Using FA as a giant Etch-a-Sketch.I needed a good laugh this morning.
patrick baker -1
who is Elizabeth duh-duh daily? and who invited her into our lives? flush her way now. please
bryan dumas 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Pilot flies "Inappropriate" route

Some bored pilot "draws" naughty flight path over Florida

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btweston 13
Actually I can't think of a better place to put it.


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