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So How Did They Get That Crashed Plane Off The Runway In Kathmandu?

So let's review. The airport was closed. There was no heavy equipment to move the disabled Airbus 330 off the runway. And international flights were canceled for four days, stranding an estimated 80,000 passengers. ( 기타...

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Smitjere 3
favorite quote: Interested observers are waiting to see whether TIA will again take an approach that it used in 2007 to fix a technical problem with a Nepal Airlines Boeing 757. At that time, airline officials sacrificed two goats in front of the aircraft to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, and then declared the aircraft was ready to resume flying.
Well, and that last line about going back to New York by bus?
He needed the sarcasm font.
You used to be able to get between Kathmandu and India much cheaper than air by a combination train and then bus. You get a train to the railhead in Gorapur and ride the bus to the border, and then another bus to Kathmandu. For parts of the bus ride you needed a blindfold as there was a sheer cliff on one side of the dirt road and a sheer drop on the other and in places when you looked down you could see the remains of prior bus and lorry mishaps a few hundred feet down in the gorges. A C47 would probably have been safer (and somewhat less scary) than the bus ride.

I don't know why they needed a C130, they could have hauled a ton of freight in there on a PC6 even if they only had 400 feet clear (if they had an Alaskan driving). Seriously, though thinking about the runways, distances and obstacles I would have thought an L100/L382 would be an excellent choice for operating in that region.
linbb 1
Sounds like a good thing to do as am told goat have magical powers. There are even TV commercials now with goats in them. A side note, at least they didn't blow the thing up and drag it off with a heard of oxen.


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