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Delta Airlines Baggage Handlers Honor Fallen Soldier And His Dog

Well done Delta...exemplary show of respect for a fallen soldier and his K9 ( 기타...

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This display of honor for our fallen heros brings tears to my eyes ... thank you honor guard and to the family of these that gave the ultimate for our country
Saw this a few days back, RIP the 2 of you, thanks is not enough to your friends and family, but you fought the good fight and the world is proud of you, God Speed !
A great video. I remember at the height of the Iraq War that I would often see this occur at DFW with AA's ground crews. It was amazing to see so many people stop what they were doing, to include cell conversations, and watch silently with respect. Fortunately, it's become a lot less common today - and I say that because far fewer of our troops are being killed. But, When it does, people still show their respects.

Good Job Delta Employees. And thank you.
This is not at DFW, but it represents what AA would do:
Pity both caskets couldn't have gone together. After all, they lived. fought and died together so it would have been appropriate if they had taken their final trip together. God Bless you both.
We had a number of these on our FBO ramp, brought in by Kallita in their F20's. The hardest part was when the family was released to the casket- a very tearful time for all.

Thanks you to you who served or are serving.
Way to go Delta....
Well done Delta employees. When so many US citizens seem to treat your military personnel with apathy at best, and contempt at worst, it's good to see the respect Delta showed the soldier and his mate.
We worked the Air Freight contract for UAL many years ago at KSNA (John Wayne) airport. A couple of Marines came by and said one of their fallen was coming in on a flight the next day. The other agent thought it would be a great idea to do something like this as a show of respect. She called UA OPS they sent an ACARS to the crew and told them. She called the OC Sheriffs and Fire.......and before long the whole airport was mobilizing. We ended up with a parade of Sheriffs vehicles and fire trucks with lights and sirens following the plane to the gate. The Captain had everybody on the plane stay seated until the escorts got off the flight, then they went out and saluted as the body was brought down........along with all the sheriffs and rampers present. It was quite a show and the family and USMC were all touched by it........should happen on every flight like this..........
Way to go Delta crew and airport personal for not "just" letting the ball drop.
Too bad a little of this love didn't happen in the 1960's.
Jim 68-69
Yep, that got me. THANK YOU!
Very proud to be a Delta two million miler. A class act and so deserving. God speed! 👍
Very touching, a classy act by Delta
MrTommy 1
Brought tears to my eyes as well. Good for Delta!
Wonderful message of honor from Delta-workers.
Delta is a Class Act. I am sure other airlines do this as well but DAL has it down pat. Just wish we didn't have to lose our good people like this. Would have been great to have a smaller flag for the K9 too. Semper Fi.
My distant but no less heartfelt condolences and respect for the family, the uniform, and the sacrifice. It represents the soul of this country, even when some who lead it don't.
I am very proud of delta for doing that!! God Bless The Fallen Soldier And K9
this brought tears to my eyes: both coffins with real heroric team, man and dog.
wyomnc1 1
For those you new to this site. The site contains many, many super stories. And if you have not seen the movie TAKING CHANCE, the story of a fallen Marine, I suggest you either purchase, rent or view on line if available as it is also very touching, not just at the airport but all along the route. Respect and love was overflowing. Thanks.
This put a large lump in my throat, well done guys from the UK
Nice touch Delta.

Funny, this wasn't even reported on by any local TV stations that I know of and I live just outside Atlanta. For shame.
It was reported at the time it happened, more than two years ago....
It is not funny.... It is despicable that the news media shys away from this kind of reporting... One reason I do not watch the news. They could have given it a 30 second blub on CNN or FOX..
Not funny ha ha, but funny strange. Delta is one of the biggest employers in the Atlanta area and usually stories about Delta make the news, but for some strange reason, this apparently different. Context.

I did send a link to this to a local station, maybe it will make the news, maybe it will not.


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