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Boeing B-29 Superfortress startles drivers by swooping over LA highway

Motorists in Los Angeles were stunned after a Second World War-era bomber flew low over the highway as it approached Van Nuys airport in California. ( 기타...

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linbb 3
Stupid head line as its not too low or swooping just a standard approach that many aircraft make every day into it. Don't see any cars running off the road not even brake lights so get over it.
That was the whole reason I posted it.. The Daily Mail sensationalized the headline. However, you can't argue about the great pictures they used.
linbb 2
Very true and this may be the year I spend some of my savings in my retirement years for a ride. And I don't want to sit in the rear either as a once in a lifetime event you go first cabin somehow. Tried last year but was all booked on the left coast where I live.


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