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(Video) Lightning Appears to Strike 2 Planes Flying Into Sea-Tac Airport

Two planes apparently flying into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport appeared to have been struck by lightning in a video caught by a University of Washington student. Direct Link ( 기타...

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Dubslow 8
In other news, people died and people were born. Also, the planet is still spinning, so that's good.
My feelings exactly. Non Aviators think it's the end of the world, not realizing this is just one of the hundreds of wx things they'll encounter while a roaming target.
linbb 2
Don't think it hit the AC as it continued past it both times shown. Have seen strikes before on them and it stopped at the AC. Also they would have reported it as they have to check the static wicks and such after a strike.
Not necessarily. Planes are designed with strike channeling so that the bolt passes harmlessly around the AC and onto a grounding path (for the most part).
linbb 1
Ok guess you have never worked on them as I have and have changed static wicks. Know all about that and in it says nothing about what was posted either
Not sure why the lightning would need to stop at the AC. The AC is an effective Faraday cage, with electricity effectively going through the plane like it were just a piece of electrical wire. The only way I see that a strike would stop at a plane is if the plane were an electrical monopole. It probably has a small charge, but certainly nothing compared to the voltage in a lightning strike.
linbb 1
What I have seen in videos there has been none that went beyond the AC. I would not have made that comment otherwise. If what you say is true I guess those have been missed by me. Oh well what the hell anyway. But I guess you have proof it does and if so why not post it for others to see. Also look at the way it is in the pix never changed from one side to the other indicting it went over the AC.
You really don't like being told you might be wrong, do you? Did you review the link I sent which explains the process? Have you taken it upon yourself to leverage google or some other means of researching the phenomenon or do you just go by what you believe and to hell with any other explanation?
Jenni P. 1
The Boeing lab tests clearly showed the lightning continuing to the ground after hitting their test model, as did their animation, as did the other videos of jets getting struck by lightning. And in the video, when lightning hits the first jet, you can see some sort of upward reaction (about 14 seconds into the video) from the lightning strike.
The average large commercial aircraft is struck by lightning once per year. Of course, that varies greatly depending on the aircraft's routes.
My favorite loop video playing at different speeds is of a plane struck by lightning in Japan, from the Colorado Lightning Resource Center, Hodanish_files:


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