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Emirates to replace entire Boeing 777 fleet with 777X jets

Emirates will upgrade its entire Boeing 777 fleet in favour of the next-gen Boeing 777X jet from 2020. ( 기타...

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more money than they know what to do with - I sure wish I had those problems
Prior to the great 2008 financial debacle I told a couple of regular co-pilotos they might want to save some money for whats coming because nobody spends their own money the way some of the charter customers were. The middle east three kind of remind me of that.
An aweful lot of ex-Emirates 777s will appear on the pre-used market - whither Boeings plans of fill the gap between 777 & 777X production by offering discounted new 772s & 773s !!?
Tres interesans
Gotta get my girls to get there to selling scout cookies
It is great news and a challenge to other carries that are using old generations aircrafts. Kudos to ET


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