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To celebrate their 60 years, Lufthansa has created some "now and then" photos

To celebrate their 60 years, Lufthansa has created some "now and then" photos, replicating memories of the past. ( 기타...

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Someone could make a good parody of these photos--modern passengers wearing gymsuits, cramped into tiny seats, huddled in the terminals on the floor charging their phones, walking in our socks through security, and carrying huge bags because of the checking fees.
Most probably 1st class or business. Otherwise I agree with you.

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Indeed perhaps there should be a dresscode for passengers, not only crews!
I agree... I remember when everyone dressed in a suit and tie, and the ladies were in dresses.. No days people barely dress at all.
bbabis 1
I didn't know you went back to Clipper days? <grin>
Close.. LOL, but I am not quite a walking fossil.. I did get to ride Jump seat in a clipper and the CoPilots seat of a B17... Captain gave me about 45 minutes of stick time on the B17 and that was great.
When flying was glamorous!
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
bbabis 2
In pic 15/30, what are the three stews looking at in 1955? It looks like cell phones were much thinner then;-}

Thank you Lufthansa. Well done.
Nice Pics...
Nope... not much has changed. The planes of course, however, the uniforms look very similar.
I was on a Lufthansa flight on their 60th anniversary. And got a special booklet - where is it now???
The luggage dollies haven't changed much.
Great stuff. Good point Tobin...Thanks.
Very Nice!
Very good presentation,good service.
skylab72 1
Computer(s) & data devices changed a great deal as well. I was amused one photo has identical pose and body language between three Stews and in the old one a girl is offering a look at a mirror, in the newer she is offering a smart phone...
s2v8377 1
Very cool!!! Thanks for posting :)
Thanks for the News Junkie badge. I will continue to find cool stuff and post it here when I can! :)
Slide 2 - were LH still operating 707s in 1984? I thought that they had been deemed too noisy a few years earlier.

Slide 18 - were there really female first officers (or SFEs, it looks like an FE's panel on the left, in 1967? If so LH was ahead of the game.
skylab72 1
I believe the dating on slide 2. Note the "bleed ring" at the very front of the nacelle, and though it is hard to see the exhaust rings and thrust reversers look like sound suppression technology retrofitted to 707s in the 80s. The theory is similar to the CFM engines fitted to the military C-137 family later on. High pressure bypass air is ducted aft to the exhaust section and used to induce airflow like smoke rings around the exhause flow. It worked well enough that "quiet" engines today use similar concepts, much improved of course.
Nice work....
Can we get that 1973 lounge design back, that's awesome!
I seem to recall Lufthansa first flying into Idlewild in NYC in 1955, using the Lockheed 1049C - with wing-tip fuel tanks (the first I'd ever seen). I believe most, if not all, pilots were American at that time. Congratulations to a truly wonderful enterprise.

(And please, folks, it's Luft-hansa, not Luf-thansa.)
Very good presentation,good service
Photos very beautiful and suggestive, compliments to Lufthansa for this idea.
Photo 8 - one of the pax has obviously been waiting too long , he now has a tree growing out of his head. Overall, these pics look so "posed" and stiff. Typical of Lufthansa - they must have some evocative photos of their fleet tucked away in their archives?


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