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Flight stoush sees PNG minister grounded

A government minister in Papua New Guinea Delilah Gore has been suspended for verbally attacking a flight attendant. Ms Gore, who is the Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development, has been suspended from office for three months. The Post Courier reports in April Ms Gore threatened a flight attendant who had asked her to turn off her phone. ( 기타...

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IDK what a stoush is either but I don't want any part of her religion if it is all like that
linbb 1
Ok so talk in some language we understand on here, what is a stoush? Or is it a misprint?
Noun: stoush (plural stoushes), (Australia, New Zealand, informal) A fight, an argument.
Well, can't really find fault with the poster. It is in the RNZ story headline. I guess I should have looked well before fussing. It is out of New Zealand. Tks, Wolfang.


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