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Video: Exhilarating DC-10 Firefighter Plane Pulls Off Incredible Maneuver In Silverado Canyon 9/12/2014

"When on a hike to view the carnage a wildfire was taking on my hometown, I caught a fantastic clip of DC-10- dropping fire retardant in a treacherous ridge about to be enveloped in flames. Nobody wanted to come with me because of the steep trail and the inherent dangers of being close to a forest fire, so I was just up there alone. A very unique experience. On the way up the steep trail, I watched many other planes pass over the burning ridge and drop retardant and water, and I was just… ( 기타...

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jbqwik 8
Experience, guts and dang good flying.
Man and machine doing a good job
Film crew getting hit directly by a fire retardant drop.
Nice... Thanks for sharing... Real class and dedication to the camera guy who will do everything to get the action shot...
It appears they were on the periphery rather than the middle. You can still see thru the lens.
dee9bee 5
Interesting video. I just wish the guy shooting it would have kept his mouth shut...
LOL, that is what they make Mute Buttons for.. :)
but then you can't hear the engines.
You can't have your cake and eat it too... If you do not want to hear the guy talk, mute it, if you want to hear the engines, deal with it... It is his video that he shared... Not ours... When someone complains about one of my videos, I tell them it was shot and edited to my tastes, unless someone was paying me to do it.
The King Air is known as "Air Attack",(Fire boss for drop planes), kind of like an air-born ATC. The a/c is called "Tanker 10.
Dont understand, it missed the fire, are they just treating the adjacent brush?
The retardant that it drops is to keep the fire from spreading rather than putting it out.
Retardant is dropped in the fire's path to slow down or block the its progress and to better enable crews to strengthen firelines. Note that the drop was just on the downhill side of the ridge as the fire moves slower downhill. Water drops may be made directly on active spots.
Interesting.... I was wondering that my self..... It was very interesting to watch...
What's easy to miss is the lead plane at 10-15 seconds showing where they want the drop. Is that a King Air lead plane.
I noticed that... A key factor in getting the right spot.
They were making a line on the ridge to keep the fire from spreading.
Sir, They do that to prevent the fire from continuing to grow, they always drop their retardant downwind from the fire. There is no use in saving burned plants.
This video featured two characteristics that are rarely seen in amateur videos.

1) The camera stayed on the action the whole time.

2) Lack of swear words in the audio.

Excellent work!
Ok I didnt mean it was a man. When I say man it's the generic way to call humans but if you wish I better say Humans and machine.
No need to be a PC whipped apologist Jose.
Understood your original post that way as I would hope most did. Those who object may also feel ´el hombre propone pero dios dispone´ also lack political correctness.
Old.... but still an incredible video!
When there are fires in N. California, that DC10 flies right over my house. It is so cool
On last year's King fire in El Dorado Cty Calif, they were using McClellen as a reload base. Their approach went right over my house. Those with full ADS-B were tracked by piaware and uploaded to FA. With more piaware stations this year, we could get MLAT positions on the rest of them.
And they're doing that 4-5 times a day this summer. Bless 'em all.
linbb 1
And where the lead in plane goes so goes the tanker. Saw it making a drop outside of Dayton WA a few years back.
oowmmr 1
Perfect drop.
In 1980 a paper was written by a student at the National Fire Academy explaining that the use of "jumbo jets" to protect the urban interface should be part of the short term aerial fire fighting plan. CDF (Cal Fire) in the mid 1990's agreed and initiated the use of a very large air tanker (VLAT) with a contract for service. At the same time NASA and the U.S. Forest Service conducted a study which for the most part said that the VLAT concept was too big and could not work in mountainous terrain. Federal thinking.
A bit more info on VLATS and load comparison w/ other resources. VLAT >8000 gal, Type 1 3000-7999 gal (this includes the ANG's MAFFS units)
10-tanker, part of the company i work for here in Tulsa
Amazing! !!!!!
Beautiful flying! During my college years I was a seasonal FF for USFS up in the Rockies. We sure appreciated the tankers. Before the red retardant, they used a Green Slime. If you get hit by a little overspray, it's like a ton of snot hitting you. This one bush pilot used to take delight jettisoning our re supply load, right on the rocks nearby. Scraping scrambled eggs off the rocks was an interesting experience. Especially when we had been on the line for 24 hours straight.. Those re supply canisters parachutes didn't like to open in a timely fashion.
The name of the green retardant was Algen.
The retardant dump was pretty cool, but wasn't all that dazzled by the flying.
I'd say that's pretty darn good flying considering the low altitude and slower speeds required. All the older prop planes are just getting too old and needed parts are getting too hard to find. Thumbs up for all these hardworking firefighters!
Not to mention the turbulence from the fire-generated weather.
For the cost of using a DC10 could have used a thousand drones and blown the fire out.
If the fire is coming over the ridge behind my house, I will opt for 10 Tanker or a C-130 thank you. Besides, drone would just be added fuel.
I know exactly where they fire is at. There was a landing zone where we would practice confined area landings in that is/was 10 miles from Tustin MCAS(H) and less than 5 miles from Irvine Lake. Squadrons from Tustin had helped with firefighting duties in the past. Now that may not happen due to being so far south.
Man, I really flubbed that up. They = that.
Autocorrect demaon strikes again.
WOW!! Great flying ...
What a pilot, what a plane
bettiem 0
How do you know that the pilot was a man? However, agreed that both the aircraft and the crew performed very well.
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