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747 Rare In The Air: Original Photos and Booklet from 1968 Rollout of the 1st Jumbo Jet.

As Korean Air became the newest Boeing 747-8I operator this week and possibly the last as TransAero deferred its orders, we look back at the Jumbo with these early promotional materials including rare photographs from the 1968 rollout of the first 747. ( 기타...

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Even when they are finally gone the 747 models will always have been THE QUEEN OF THE SKIES
The 747 will remain the benchmark to reach for in airplane manufacturing. No airplane in the sky has the look and feel of the 74's. I include even the much desired G650. Nothing says America around the world more than a 747 AF1.

I love to ride 777, and having wired some L1011's I enjoyed that while it lasted, but none are as comfortable as a 74. The seats were larger, the galleys were better, and there was room to "move about the cabin."

The economics of a commodity air travel system don't permit the grand dame of the air to remain much into the future.

I don't miss the propeller planes of the fifties at all, nor a Bell 47, but I do miss the Pan Am 747SP nonstop to Tokyo. I've tried the A380, but it is like taking a bus instead of a cab.

I love the great pictures from 45 years ago. That was the start of something big.
billcc 3
Boeing sure can build 'em. A truly great plane.

The first time I ever saw a 747 was in an in-flight magazine when, as a little kid my family moved to Guam and we flew first class on Pan Am! (an flying experience that is sadly long gone) I thought it would be great to get a chance someday to fly on a 747. Three years later I got my wish on the trip back to the states. And unlike the outbound trip which went from LA to Hawaii to Wake and finally to Guam, the return was just Guam to LA, probably a long haul back in those days. A great experience.
M Wagner 3
Look at those humungous seats!!!! Yowza!!!
Very nice to see history again
Really interesting - and a touch of sadness. I make out 12 American launch customers, with only 3 still flying today. But what a great aircraft!
oowmmr 2
Those are great pictures and the SP looks ready to pounce.
I was working for Lockheed Aircraft Service when the first one landed at Kennedy airport. Everyone (about 2000) stopped working and went out on the ramp to watch it. That airplane looked liked it just floated out of the sky, beautiful. Shortly after we were doing mods on the landing gear struts.
My good buddy from PanAm days was their first command pilot.
Navy65 -1
The Queen of the Skies will always remain the Lockheed Constellation. Pilots recognize the B747 as the finest airlner ever built.


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