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Japan Airlines To Return to Dallas/Fort Worth

Japan Airlines announced the return to Dallas, with service to Dallas/Fort Worth to Toyko Narita starting in November 2015 for a stronger relationship with American Airlines. They will have 4 daily flights to Toyko, making it daily in spring 2016. According to Japan airlines, the will be using the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Already, American Airlines has 2 daily flights to Toyko, using the Boeing 777-200ER. Over the years, Dallas has expanded its international flights. The world longest flight… ( 기타...

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BOAC747 1
I know they pulled there 747B service away from there and the 777B's why now do they want to go back when the completion is hurting some major carriers
BOAC747 1
Sorry I mean over the years when operating different 747B series jets eg 747-100 747-200 747-400 ETC..
Don't they now have an Alliance with American. They were in there direct as we used to use the planning and entry services into the Far East.


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