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Delta First Boeing 747-400 Aircraft Goes Into Retirement

The 1st commercial delivered Boeing 747-400 has been retired. The article doesn't state the TT of the airframe or a whole lot about the bird other than its mach number. ( 기타...

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This 744 was also involved in a near crash back in 2002. It was serving as Northwest 85 when it had a rudder hardover, and made a safe landing eventually at ANC.
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That's incredible and would be startling, to say the least.

The TT was just over 50K hours already, would it have near 100k TT hours by now??
I had the honor of clearing the Queen of the Skies to land for the last time at ATL. I am looking forward to taking my son over to the exhibit it becomes next year!
Airframe Details
Construction Number (MSN) 23719
Line Number 696
Aircraft Type * Boeing 747-400
First Flight * Apr 1988
Age 27.4 Years
Test registration N401PW
Airframe Status Active
Airframe Remarks Boeing 747-400 prototype
Aircraft Type *
Config *
Engines *
Fleet Number
N401PW Boeing 747-400 Boeing (hidden) 4x PW4000 29. Apr 1988
N661US Boeing 747-400 Northwest Airlines (hidden) 4x PW4000 08. Dec 1989 6301
leased from AT&T Capital Services
N661US Boeing 747-400 Delta Air Lines (hidden) 4x PW4000 29. Oct 2008 6301
configured "C65Y338"
re-configured "C48W42Y286" May 2012
s2v8377 1
6301/N661US last revenue flight:

Other DAL (PMNW)B744's retired:
6304/N664US (ICN Hail Damage, ferried to MZJ DAL9968)
s2v8377 1
6311/N671US was stored at MZJ 9/14 - 7/15. It was put back in-service to replace 6304.
Delta / Northwest merger and the subsequent acquisition of the 747 from Northeest was in 2007 not 1989
The text was ambiguous. I think they meant:

The 747, carrying tail number N661US, was delivered to Northwest Airlines (which was later acquired by Delta) in 1989.
I was in Honolulu as the plane was preparing for departure. It looked majestic with its white livery gleaming in the son. She is a magnificent aircraft.
I believe Boeing tells their public tour guests that the "normal" life time for a 747 is based on the number of take-offs/landings ...approximately 25,000.
I flew on that plane on her maiden flight from DTW to NRT. It was an amazing experience and I will never forget it. The plane was something unlike any other and I then always loved flying on the 747-4. The only flight that surpassed that was on AF 2, JFK to CDG. WOWSER
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First Boeing 747-400 Heads for Retirement

Delta Air Lines will operate the final commercial flight of the first Boeing 747-400 aircraft Wednesday. The 747, carrying tail number N661US, was delivered to Northwest Airlines, which was later acquired by Delta, in 1989.

The Queen of the Skies will fly from Honolulu International Airport to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport....
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