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Delta Sues Regional Partner Republic

Delta Air Lines filed suit against Republic Airways Holdings on Monday for failing to meet its contractual obligations in operating regional flights for the airline. Shuttle America, a unit of Indianapolis-based Republic, operates flights under the Delta Connection brand and, according to the suit, filed in state court in Atlanta, has been unable to fly the number of flights contracted for. .. ( 기타...

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Pileits 2
Pilots lives matter!
30west 1
Yes they do, Bravo, Bravo!!!
Probably the first of many. That said, DAL may be looking for a way out of some of those contracts since they now have sole ownership of Pinnacle(scuse me, Envoy)
I think you mean Endeavour? Envoy is the old American Eagle...
Yep; too many E's; can't keep 'em all straight


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