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Part of Iranian 747 Engine Falls off shortly after take-off

An Iranian plane has made an emergency landing after part of its engine fell apart two minutes after take-off. The Boeing 747, which had 426 passengers on board, had just departed from Tehran's Mehrabad airport when "a piece of engine number three came off and hit the body of the plane". ( 기타...

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Some reports have it at 300 souls on board plus crew and others have it at 426 souls on board plus is a testament to how well these "Queen's of the sky" are built being able to safely land at almost full take-off weight.
Well, the plane gets lighter as it jettisons parts. ;)
Who is responsible for updating the weight and balance sheets?

I hope that they are able to modernize their fleet expeditiously. One of the unfortunate effects of the embargo is that is punishes regular citizens much more than the religious rulers.
Pileits -2
This is among MANY reasons NOT to fly on any 3rd world airlines. Be smart and save your life for another day and stick with western world airlines.
joel wiley -1
Safer yet, stay at home, preferably under your bed. Unless of course you live under the flight path of some 3rd world airline.


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