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New cabin patent: Does Boeing really hate humans this much?

For a publication that is generally about good things, Australian Business Traveller has a sharp eye for humbug in drawing our attention to a 12 across business class atrocity patent from Boeing. However, the problem is more widespread than Boeing. Its rival Airbus seems to be in a contest with the cruel American to come up with even crueler ways of cramming more people into airliners. Such as in this ‘mezzanine seating’ patent. ( 기타...

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Muchits 6
Why would you title the article targeting Boeing - when the article clearly states that Airbus is doing the exact same thing??
this is lunacy. Humans are not able to stay in such a confined place for any length of time. Remember we are to exercise during longer flights- walk the cabin to lessen blot clots and assorted cardiac by-products. Food, going to the bathroom, and avoiding confinement craze is not possible in this configuration. What are they thinking here?
Ray Dahl 2
. What are they thinking here? $$$$
The problem is that while it is only a small difference in cost to have a decent experience in an airliner, no one is offering that. Its either First/business class or no class. I am a pilot so I do fly myself nearly all always but some time I am going to pick a an aircraft so if I can't hitch a ride, I need to take an airliner one way, which I hate to do. I didn't think I would ever find any kind of flying miserable, but I was wrong.
it's "salami tactics"--you sell more at the front of the plane, so squeeze the back and sell "Economy Plus" (and Doubleplus, I suppose)
iflyfsx 3
If the sheeple can put up with the tsa, this is nothing in comparison. Airlines would be stupid not to profit off the passive acceptance of their "customers." If you put up with this BS, you deserve it.
So instead of the current first class, business class, and cattle class, we will soon have first class, business class, and sardine can class. It's all about packing the greatest number of ticket buyers into the least amount of space.

Ray Dahl 2
ALL airline execs should be required to ride middle seat, sardine class.
Hey Fellows! Calm down! They are just patents. No manufacturer has actually announced plans to make these things. No airline has actually expressed any interest in buying them. I get a good laugh out of all these crazy patents.
Keep these squacks about crazy patents rolling in. Fulfils my minimums of at least a good laugh a day.
Better than the double stack Airbus design. Actually I think that layout is not a bad idea compare to the airbus one. At least you won't have someone's lag dangling in front of your in flight entertainment system
Remember when Flying was a glamorous thing to do and they would treat you like royalty? Yea, it's been so long I don't remember either!!
These diagrams look like the things you might find in a maximum security prison, or maybe a WW II German prison camp.
or 'economy' class on the middle passage.
RandomX9 1
FAA regulations require evacuation in 90 seconds. I wonder if that would still be possible with these seating configurations.
Why not set cabin pressure at 20,000 feet and sell oxygen?
Budget airlines already have this. If you did not pay for emergency oxygen option when you bought your ticket your oxy mask will not drop down in case of decompression. And you are prohibited from bringing your own emergency oxy bottle on board!
linbb -1
Fly a different class then so you can have more room.
Ooh look a gold bar just came out my bum
Or charter a flight another option is becoming a pilot and giving general aviation a boost.
If i can afford to charter a flight i can afford to fly suite class on SQ. Would i be correct to assume you are one of those super duper ultra rich who only fly first class? And re giving GA a boost you mean fly from Singapore to LAX in a Cessna or Private Learjet?


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