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Plane crashes on I-29 near Council Bluffs

The pilot of a single-engine plane was killed when his aircraft crashed in the median of Interstate 29 north of Council Bluffs Thursday. ( 기타...

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Line guys may accidentally put avgas?
N145JR WAS A PA46-500TP turbine.
In the Kingair B200 with P&W PT6A dash42 engines, you were permitted to refuel with Avgas but with some operational restrictions involved. On the other hand, in the case of a piston PA46 Malibu, refuelling with Jet A would bring certain disaster.But this appears to be a PT6 equipped Meridian.
Depends on which PA 46 model - could have been piston or turbine. But when one has engine trouble right after takeoff suspect is always fuel contamination followed by a host of other problems. If indeed it was fuel related, NTSB won't take long on this one.


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