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BA 2276 Apparently going to fly again..

Since the fire on takeoff back in September, since I'm a resident of Las Vegas and pass by McCarran airport frequently, I keep noticing the tail of this injured bird sticking up above the freight terminal. Apparantly BA is nearly finished with making this aircraft airworthy again.. ( 기타...

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Good to see the big wide bodied aircraft get back up into the air and wing its way home to Heathrow airport EGLL it;s home base.
Nice to see that bird in the air again soon
What people need to understand that these temporary repairs at McCarran airport are to just make it airworthy so they can fly the plane to a repair facility where then can make the permanent repairs to the plane. British airways says once it's airworthy it will be flown to a major repair facility for more permenant repairs before being put back into service.
Not only a major repair facility but also a new paint job! Wonder if they'll take it to Boeing for the repairs?
I heard they were going to there London maintence facility.
heavy MX for BA is at Cardiff, Wales
Thank you
canuck44 1
US destinations can be flown at low altitude but crossing the pond will likely need to have an intact pressurization system, oxygen for the pilots or a low altitude shuttle just like the WWII bombers were ferried over. Can the pressure system be restored in the current location?
They can put a patch on for temporary that would hold pressure but it won't be able to withstand normal day to day flight till they put a more perment repair to it.
canuck44 1
We are somewhat handicapped by not knowing about the degree of structural damage. Boeing would be a first choice, but possibly the American shops. If Boeing is doing the current work, it is a good bet they will keep the final repairs.
True but Boeing can take employees and material to London and do the repairs in the British airways London major repair facility. I forget where the airport is but if it's in there hanger they aren't paying storage fees and they also can have there employees help Boeing put the plane back together.
Why not leave the thing where it is and have the city use it as a shed for rhe homeless panhandlers?
Chris B 1
This was squawked some time ago
True, but if it's worth doing, isn't it worth doing right?
ADXbear 1
I do as well, have many pictures... it now has new skin on the left side after the entire fuselage was enclosed with a temporary tent structure for about 2 weeks.. looking for her to get underway and I will be there with my cameras..
It would make this site a little more credible if people would understand the difference
between " there " and "their". They are not interchangeble and have 2 entirely separate meanings. Please posters, get it right !
This isn't grammar school. Sorry
Pileits -3
NOTE: Airplanes are NOT "birds", they are man made machines.
canuck44 4
LOL...will have to evaluate that as related to "Jail Birds". Man made or products of conception? Maybe both.


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