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Airplane scoops water from Arkansas River to help fight wildifires (Video)

The Bombadier CL 415 scoops up water from Arkansas river to fight wildfires! ( 기타...

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What is significant is that for the second time in fire aviation history that a CL 415 was being used on wildland fires in the mid west. Last summer (2015) three CL415s flew on fires in California, based at Lake Tahoe, a real first. Los Angeles County has had fire contracts for two scoopers for their fall fire season (Santa Ana winds) since the 1980's. This contract was exclusive use to the Los Angeles County area.
That's my point, Joseph
Glad y'all like this post!!! :)
This plane scoops up more than 1,600 gallons of water at one time!
linbb -1
Ok so what is so new about that known fact? Has been around for years.
Not new. Just an interesting video.
They aren't used all that much down in the States. Commonly used here in Canada.
Actually, in 2011 in Texas we had a bunch of wildfires and there were surprisingly used down here.About 3-4 of them flew down here....


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