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Living In the Age of Airplanes: A National Geographic Movie

Produced and directed by Brian Terwilliger (One Six Right), narrated by Harrison Ford, scored by James Horner (Avatar), and filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents, Living in the Age of Airplanes renews our appreciation for the airplane, stunningly conveys the wonder and grandeur of flying, and explores the countless ways the airplane affects our lives. With a take on history, breathtaking visuals, soaring music, and a unique perspective, the film shows the airplane in a fresh light as it… ( More...

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Bob Pitchford 7
I saw it at NMUSAF. Truly outstanding experience. We all know the history of flight, but this film makes the case for the IMPORTANCE of flight. By all means, go see it.
Saw it during it's time at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio. Less than an hour to view but enlightening to all ages about the effect aviation has made on the world!
I saw this movie at the Washington DC Air and Space Museum, being in aviation over 30 years it brought tears to my eyes. Filmed beautifully, it brings home the fact how taking to the skies changed our lives and the world. Sadly air travel is taken for granted today and often times viewed as an inconvenience. Everyone should see this movie to realize the magnificent feat that flying truly is!!
paulbinis 4
I also saw this at the Air & Space Museum in DC, and I know it's been said but it's worth repeating. Everyone needs to see this. It's absolutely wonderful.
Spiritof76 2
We saw the film at the Perot Museum in Dallas when it premiered. Omitting the 747 is a stunning mistake considering the fact that the film's central theme is how commonplace international air travel has connected people and effectively shrunk the planet. I don't know what the producers where thinking here.
kev wu 1
Also, RIP to James Horner, who composed the score for this documentary
ADXbear 1
Sure would like to see it here in Vegas
thomas hess 1
I too saw this in D.C. recently. It was sobering to see and realize just how far we have come and how fast we have gone in just the last 100 years, compared to the previous thousands. It was a fantastic show and I recommend you see it if you can!
Saw it at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space museum in D.C. Very good production and visuals, just know before going in that it talks about what flying does for us in terms of the importance and efficiency of the transportation method.
iflyfsx 1
The distribution sucks, though. What century is this?
Ric Wernicke 5
What sucks is that this movie is printed on real film, 70mm wide and 15 perforations per frame. Film as a production and release format has died. Electronic production and projection is here to stay. This cannot be shown in any ordinary theater, even the ones currently showing theatrical films in IMAX branded theaters.

There are but a handful of theaters in the world that can properly present this film, and most of those are attached to museums and the like.

Make an effort to see it, it is worth every moment. Film will hopefully survive, but in a world of jet and rocket travel it has become the propeller of our times.
kev wu 1
It's still a preferred format for many filmmakers, especially documentary filmmakers.
iflyfsx 0
Again, we don't have the technology to transfer film? I'm not against having a "special edition." What bother me is having ONLY a special edition that very few people can see. That's like printing *one* book. Available at one library. It exists. It's accessible to the public. Right?
kev wu 1
The website says that they will release it only Blu ray near the end of this year. Around October 2016-ish


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