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Matt Lauer 'interns' at JFK's air traffic control tower

As part of TODAY's "Up for the Job" series, Matt needed to tap into his ability to multi-task for the day he spent as an air traffic controller at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. ( 기타...

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dee9bee 16
Turns out he was only in the simulator, thank God...
TWA55 1
Ya, really....lets hope they don't let him play brain surgeon
ww curry 7
I do not want to read anything about that pompous ass.
Mike Mohle 15
His first day at a "real job"!!! Adorable.
He should have tried it after a bottle of bourbon. Like a real at.
fabere 4
Wish I had something good to say about old Matt the socialist. Perhaps he is really looking for a good hit piece on our current under-funded, overworked, and behind the times ATC system.

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canuck44 6
Drinking the Kool Aid is one thing, but marinating in it is obviously intellectually devastating. Fabere's point was entirely appropriate and timely while you sound like one of Bernie's minions attempting to shut down the opinions of those with whom you disagree. Lauer may or may not be a socialist, but his points on the ATC were on the mark by every current non-political measure.

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AWAAlum 2
Trolls aren't welcome here.
May God save us from this ever happening...
I found that really interesting. I had the opportunity to spend the day in the tower at CYOW when I was involved with the Airshow many years ago and it was fascinating then. Thanks to whoever posted it.
To quote Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now": The horror, the horror!
Matt use to be a likeable and good co-host. And, then he got a haircut. Good luck, Wrangler!
ww curry -2
His possee make him get the cut to identify him for what he is...
bentwing60 -2
Hope he trips on the stairs going down!
G R 0
White People?
What a joker!
lynx318 0
Stuff Matt Lauer give me more of RWJ's Cat Lauer instead.
canuck44 -4
Which FAA visible minority slot did he fill?
jmilleratp -2
If they had sent Savannah Guthrie in, she would have been looking for someone to kneecap like she did to Anne Curry!


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